THE WAIT IS OVER – Downton Abbey – S6 E1



Much anticipated by us, the first episode of Season 6 is now available!  Although Kristen did not see it on Sunday with the rest of the world, as she’s distracted by her infant twin girls and totally forgot the date.  However, Candace helpfully pointed out that she can watch anytime on the PBS app of her Apple TV.  So after finally seeing it yesterday, there was much to discuss.

Warning – spoilers ahead!

Kristen:  Episode 1, check!

Candace:  Yeah!  What did you think?

Kristen:    It wasn’t great, mostly felt like a refresher of seasons one through five.

Candace:   Yep. After that episode I thought, maybe it is time for their last season…

Kristen:  Ha, yes!

Candace:   Can Anna and Bates ever be happy?? I mean good grief.

Kristen:   Seriously, that relationship has had a little bit too much drama.

Candace:  Yep.   And what’s up with saying that Mary can handle the estate because she had an affair and refused to pay a blackmailer? I missed some logic there.

Kristen:   I was confused about that too. Was it because she didn’t want to marry for the sake of marrying? And why was the blackmailer so smug when she only got 50 pounds? She seems like a strange character, disconnected from the rest.

Candace:   Yes! And why  does Mary fall off her horse when she saw her, if she didn’t know who she was?

Kristen: Exactly! And how did a maid have the means to quit her job, travel, and stalk Mary?  It was weird that she had zero backstory.   Overall, very much a filler episode. Hopefully that means the next one will be awesome!

Candace:  Agreed on all accounts!

*image taken from PBS’s Masterpiece Theater

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