The Force Awakens Nostalgia, But Not Much in The Way of Original Ideas

I had been considering a solo review of Star Wars since a) I’ve been a huge fan since I was a child, b) it’s the only movie I’ve gone to the theatre for since the twins were born, and c) there is no telling when another twin-free night at the movies will happen! So I was thrilled to get a message from Candace saying she had seen it over the weekend!

Kristen: So as not a huge Star Wars fan, what did you think about the movie?

Candace: I enjoyed it! I thought it was a bit repetitive and not as original of a storyline as I was expecting. You have yet another Death Star to blow up. Full disclosure, I missed the opening credits due to the concession stand. I wanted coffee, they couldn’t figure out how to make it. First world problems. Walked in when the old guy was giving the new guy the map to Luke.

Kristen: Right.

Candace: I appreciated that Han Solo said during the resistances meeting that he knows how to blow one of those up.
You again have a father/son struggle. But this time the son is lost to the dark side and the father is trying to bring him back to the light.

Kristen: There were a lot of repeated storylines. And a lot of visual repetition… The long bridge that Han and Kylo Ren confront each other on is very similar in appearance of the one that Luke and his father fight in the first movie.

Candace: Yes!! And you visit a desert planet, a jungle planet, and a snow planet! I loved that the main character is a girl and that the force is strongest in her. There definitely is not enough girl power in the original 3 movies.

Kristen: I will say that I really did like it, but I was not overwhelmed. I love the main character, I thought she was fantastic. I think she’s a total star. But I felt like I was watching 4-6 all over again. The only way I can really describe it is that someone made an awesome fan fiction follow up.

Candace: Yes!! I think that is a great synopsis. As a Star Wars fan, do you feel like JJ Abrams was showing respect to the original story before he started off on a new tangent?

Kristen: Maybe it was a way to pay homage, but it felt more like trying to appease the fans that were unhappy with 1-3. I will say the graphics blew me away. They were unbelievably great. I loved how so much of it was shot in natural environments. In 1-3 there were so many scenes that were computer-generated, like flyovers of the cities.

Candace: There was actually blood in this movie! I was amazed rewatching the original 3 last week that there is very little to any blood. Although Aaron, my Star Wars expert brother, informed me that there is plenty of blood in the newer movies.
Kristen: Maybe that was a side effect of the time. How many movies from the 70s had realistic looking FX?

Candace: I think this new movie did what the original movies wanted to do but couldn’t due to movie making restraints of their time.

Kristen: It’s hard to remember but at the time Star Wars was very futuristic, if you look back at some of the other films of a similar era, they are far far behind (ha ha) in graphics. I thought they were very successful.

Candace: I think there’s a more realistic feel to this one.

Kristen: Have you heard of a Mary Sue?

Candace: No…

Kristen: One of the things that made it seem so fan fiction-Iike for me, was how Ray was able to do everything she wanted all of a sudden. She could fly the millennium falcon, she knew how to use the force without any training. Mary Sue is sort of a wish fulfillment character. It’s like a character that can do no wrong.

Candace: Aaah. That makes sense! And sounds like Rae!

Kristen: Wait how do you spell Ray?

Candace: I think it’s Rae? I’ve seen it spelled out somewhere…

Kristen: It’s Rey according to the Internet

Candace: I knew there was an “e” somewhere

Kristen: In defense of the Mary Sue theory though, I think Leia said something about Luke going to an ancient temple and awakening the force. So I guess it’s possible that she felt the force awaken in her and it was so strong that she just automatically since how to do these things.

Candace: Wait, how did Luke go into a temple? We don’t even know where he is through the whole movie!

Kristen: I’m not sure how or if he got there? I just remembered at the beginning of the movie there was some discussion about him leaving the Academy after it was destroyed and trying to find the birthplace of the force. I sort of expected that to be where he was at the end, and I guess it might still be since we did not see much of the island.

Candace: True

Kristen: That was really the only way it made sense anyone would have a map to him. I mean why would someone have a map to Luke Skywalker, but it would make much more sense that they would have a map to some ancient site.

Candace: So is she Luke’s daughter?? She has to be, why else would his light saber pick her.

Kristen: That is yet to be determined. There is a strong physical resemblance between her and the younger Luke and Leia, but if she was his daughter, wouldn’t Leia have known?

Candace: Yes. But who would her mother be?

Kristen: And why would Luke left her? And technically Jedi are not supposed to have relationships, but this is a new era…

Candace: And why would she think Luke Skywalker is a myth? Maybe she was a hidden love child?

Kristen: I definitely think they want us to think there is a connection. What did you think about the Finn character?

Candace: I liked him. I like the idea of humanizing a storm trooper. That was a new idea to the franchise. But I didn’t really get a love story feel there. Was I suppose to?

Kristen: I’m not sure, it definitely seemed like there could be in the future, but it felt like it was more of a friendship to me.

Candace: I kinda felt like Finn was as new to this new Star Wars world as we were.

Kristen: To me, he sort of felt like the Han Solo of the last series, and she was the Luke. I also thought it was neat how Kylo Ren noticed him after the battle, was that because he felt the force awakening him? Is he a Jedi also?

Candace: Yes! Good question! He definitely picked up on Finn having something different going on. Maybe this is when Luke was awakening the force? Can we take a moment to talk about the real star of the movie?

Kristen: OK, who is the real star? BB-8?

Candace: Yes!!!! I LOVED BB8!!!

Kristen: He was really an awesome character! He seems so lifelike, and I love the way they made his motion work. It was adorable, dare I say even better than R2-D2?

Candace: Yes. And I love R2-D2. I was bummed that he hadn’t been in any promos. He was like man’s best friend! I loved his thumbs up with the lighter!

Kristen: And very convenient that R2-D2 was in power down mode the whole movie, especially having the information about where Luke was.

Candace: Yes.

Kristen: I thought it was ironic the entire movie was about trying to find Luke Skywalker, and he had zero lines!

Candace: Yes! I found this on fb after watching the movie

Kristen: Love it!! Did you see the clip of Daisy Ridley watching the trailer for the first time? It will make you love her if you did not already.
John Boyega’s reaction is pretty fun too, but hers is just melt your heart adorable.

Candace: Awwww! Love her! And she kinda reminds me of Kiera Knightly. It’s the teeth.

Kristen: Interesting that you compared Daisy Ridley to Keira Knightly who was also in Star Wars as Padma’s double!

Candace: Whao, I forgot about that!! Completely!!

Kristen: So does Star Wars have a type? 🙂

Candace: Brunettes with big teeth??

Kristen: Yes! One more thing, did you happen to notice all of the cameos in Star Wars? For example, apparently Daniel Craig was the storm trooper that Rey mind controlled?

Candace: So cool! And yes!

Kristen: I think it’s interesting only because even actors who were not a part of the movie are Star Wars fans, and were excited to be part of it. I think that really is amazing how it speaks to such a broad group

Candace: Yes! Even to Bond! And I love how Abrams continued the tradition of casting new actors. I would totally see this Star Wars movie again, even in the theaters .

Kristen: I need to see it a few more times just to pick up on all the things I feel like I missed!

*image by BrianKesinger

* Star Wars the Force Awakens official image property of Disney

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