A Little Bit of Plot, A Lot of Foreshawdowing – Downton Abbey – S6 E2

This discussion actually occurred in a timely manner, on January 13, 2016, but it is just now hitting the blog. *Spoilers ahead* While we don’t discuss everything that happens storyline wise in the episode, we hit on the moments that stood out the most to us during our weekly conversation about the most recent Downton episode and make some predictions about where we see the storyline going.

Kristen – I watched episode 2 of DA, not much to talk about, pretty boring episode; but, can I just say that it bothers me that the episodes are of random length? 🙂

Candace – lol! I watched that last night, too! It was pretty blah, but I see disaster looming with Anna, Bates, and Mary’s London Doctor. I’m calling it now, he’s going to do this procedure and Anna will die during childbirth.

Kristen – No!!!!!

Candace – You know nothing good can come from it!

Kristen – Don’t they deserve some modicum of happiness after all this though?

Candace – They do, but the season can’t be all “kicks and giggles”, it’s a drama.

Kristen – Booooo

Candace – Sybil died in childbirth.

Kristen – Only because she wanted to leave the show!

Candace – Well everyone is leaving the show now!

Kristen – OK, that’s it. I’m not watching anymore until the season is over and I know what happened.

Candace – I will send you a $5 Starbucks gift card if I am wrong.

Kristen – I’m not gonna get trapped into another show like the miscarriage episode. You know what, it’s already been released in England, maybe I can find synopses online.

Candace – Oh, she won’t die until the end of the season. Keep watching. Don’t cheat!!!!

Kristen – It’s your fault, I blame you.

Candace – :-0

Candace – I also love how Mary assumes Rose must be pregnant because she talks about coming to visit. I know Tom will come back because he was with the cast when they did an interview on Good Morning America about the new season. 😉

Kristen – Yah, I like him.

Candace – Me too!

Candace – Watching Thomas hit on the new guy is just painful. How about some happiness for him?

Kristen – Geez, it is SO awkward!

Candace – Even Mrs. Patmore commented on it!

Kristen – Watch him turn out to be gay! I’ll put that against your Anna bet!

Candace – Deal! See, now you have to keep watching. 🙂

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