Mrs. Hughes & Mr. Carson are married! Tom is back! Edith can edit her own magazine, but isn’t sure she really wants to?… Downton Abbey – S6 E3 DECODED

Kristen watched this episode when it aired, but Candace was hosting her brother over the holiday weekend and did not get around to watching it until Thursday.

Monday, January 18, 2016
Kristen – I just watched Downton Abbey episode three and I only have two comments – 1) Yay that Tom is back and 2) I love the Mary line, “well we know nothing is wrong with Mr. Bates.”

Candace – OMG! Aaron was here all weekend and I TOTALLY forgot about Downton!

Kristen – Oops, I hope you’ve already seen it! I didn’t give too much away if you haven’t. You’ll laugh when you hear the Mary comment when you watch it 😉

Candace – No, you didn’t give too much away! Plus, we knew Tom was coming back at some point.

Thursday, January 21, 2016
Candace – Home sick today. Catching up on Downton now.

Kristen – Yah!

Candace – Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson are married! Tom is back! Edith can edit her own magazine, but isn’t sure she really wants to?…

Kristen – She’s so awful, such an idiot. It’s amazing that people feel sorry for her. Can we just remember that she wrote to the Turkish embassy and said Mr. Whatshisname died in Mary’s bed? Who does that?

Candace – So. True.  Also, Anna got pregnant really quickly!

Kristen – Yes, hence the line, “There’s nothing wrong with Mr. Bates!”  lol.

Candace – Ha!

Kristen – They really drug it out though, I have a feeling this storyline is going to drag out the entire season.  Was it not immediately obvious to Mary that they needed to go to her doctor?  That was the first thing I thought of; yet, they waited a whole other episode?  Also, I did not realize they were treating incompetent cervix that long ago.  I wonder if that is true…

Candace – No idea.  It’s been so long since I watched the earlier seasons I did not even remember Mary having problems getting pregnant.

Kristen – Oh right, I guess it’s so fresh for me.

(Kristen just recently started watching Downton, while Candace has been tuning in since season 2.)

Candace – But I do have a better appreciation for the flow of the house and how it is setup after visiting it!

(Candace visited Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey is filmed, in the fall of 2014.)

Kristen – That’s true!  I bet that does make it more interesting when you were watching right?

Candace -Yes!  Much more interesting having walked the grounds and toured the house.  On a different note, Rose is in a new show on A&E?!  Did you know this??

Kristen – No, what’s the show?  Is that her in the Cinderella movie?

Candace – War & Peace.  It debuted this week, January 18, 2016, on A&E.  First episode is free on iTunes.  I noticed her new show when I was on Apple TV to get to the PBS app to watch the last Downton episode.  It appeared as one of the top shows on iTunes.  I did a double take when I saw a girl who looked like Rose!  Looks like it is a mini-series.  Yes, she is in the new Cinderella movie.

Kristen – Sounds like she is a rising star.  She’s really adorable.

Candace – Yes, she is!

Kristen – Back to DA.  Heavy foreshadowing to something bad happening to Barrow.  His role is really reduced too, after being so prominent in most of the seasons.

Candace – I noticed that, too.  Not much Thomas in the storyline.

Kristen – Also, so bored with the hospital storyline.  Is that the best we could do to keep those characters in the mix?  Cora also has very little value in the plot so far.

Candace – Yeah, I don’t really care about the hospital.

Kristen – Yes.  Bored.

Candace – But we finally got some good lines from Maggie Smith in this episode!

Kristen – It’s almost like we have a bunch of weak plots to try to keep all the players active.  Oh!  I loved Mary’s undergarments in this or the last episode when Anna was undressing her.  It is so cool to see the evolution of the costumes in general.

Candace – Agreed.  The costumes are almost like a character in themselves.  I’m also not really sure what the point of this season will be.  Everything we have watched so far feels like filler.

Kristen – And back to Anna’s pregnancy story line … wouldn’t your husband notice if you were 3 to 4 months pregnant?

Candace – You would think!

Kristen – Maybe not everyone would, but he sees her pretty intimately!  Even if she is not showing, I know I was sick as a dog.?

Candace – Anna seems happy as a lark.

Kristen – Yep.  And we haven’t heard anything from Bates except I regards to her miscarriages.  So many characters seem missing in the plot; yet, we are introducing more.

Candace – Good point!  Bates really is barely in this season.

Kristen – And Edith…

Candace – Too much Edith :-/

Kristen – Will she finally get a man?  I feel like they are trying to get her a happy ending.  And the whole business with Marigold has just been awful.

Candace – Yes, I think so.  She will end up in London, with a man, her child, and her magazine job.

Kristen – Back to Episode 2, the farmer’s wife took Marigold home?  That was convenient when they needed to find a way to get rid of her.  I think you are right about Edith, but this guy from Episode 3, is he really to her class level?  He’s a like a manager right?  Or does he have some unknown family to claim?  We don’t know much about him.

Candace – But Edith doesn’t fit in with other people of her class level.

Kristen – No, she doesn’t.  She feels inferior and lets that cloud her view of her peers.

Candace – And why is Cora acting so uncomfortable about Mr. Mason moving onto that farm.  That was her hope, wasn’t it?

Kristen – Yes!  And her freaking out about the coat.

Candace – That was weird.  Cora’s day hadn’t been that bad, as she claimed.

Kristen – No, get a grip Cora.  Come try my day 🙂

Candace – And how does a land agent know how to put a magazine together?  He seemed to “Mary Sue” it.  😉

Haha.  Cora would bring maids with her to do your day!

Kristen – Haha!  Yes!  He was very helpful wasn’t he?  Chiming in on fashion and adding to a story?

Candace – When Mary told Anna about Tom’s letter, did she say something about owing him a reply next MONTH?

Kristen – Yes!  After the wedding!

Candace – I just remember thinking, “wow, she’s in no hurry to write back”.

Kristen – Weird right?  Like letters are expensive or hard to send?  Is she just to busy?

Candace – Yes!!  I guess so, but it’s just a letter!

Kristen – And she seemed very sentimental when talking about his letter, and then BOOM, I’ll get back to him in a few weeks.

Candace – Yes!!!!!  So much of this season seems like it could be in Jimmy Fallon’s parody of DA.

Kristen – Iron Man 3 was on last night and I caught the part where Happy is in the hospital and DA is on TV.  It’s a scene with Sybil and Tom.  She definitely added a nice balance to the show.

Jimmy Fallow has a parody??  I HAVE to see that.

Candace – Yes!  He did it on Late Night.  Not sure if he took it with him to the Tonight Show.

I didn’t realize that about Iron Man 3!  How cool!  I so miss Sybil!  They replaced her with Rose and once I decided she’s wasn’t annoying and I liked her character they took her away too.  *sigh*

Kristen – I love Jimmy Fallon.  He is so creative.  He almost always entertains.  I’ll have to check that out!

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