Spanish Mystery

Kristen: Have you read any of the Sebastián de Covarrubias translated dictionary? I’ve only read excerpts, but it is so intriguing, I would love to read the whole thing. I’m just not sure how to find it & thought you might know.

Candace: Okay, what is the translated dictionary??? Sorry, I didn’t realize I got so far behind in responding!

(Sometimes discussions span several days between responses, but we always pick right back up where we left off!)

Kristen: Here is a link:

Candace: Okay, googled it and found some of his entries for “A” words in the Guardian last week. How interesting!

Kristen: I read about it on NPR and Googled it., but I can only find the A translation! Surely it’s published though? It’s obviously reflecting the thoughts of that time, but it’s so beautiful, almost like poetry.

Candace: Almost philosophical.

Kristen: Yes! I’ve been dying to read more. I tried searching but just keep coming up with the A excerpts

Candace: I found it in Spanish

Kristen: I found it out of stock but not sure it was the translation, looked like the original also. Or do you think that was all the translation?

Candace: No. Because he says garlic is not for courtly people, so G had been translated.

Kristen: Right.

Candace: Weird it doesn’t seem to be available to buy!

Kristen: Right so how did all these media outlets get it?

Candace: No idea. Paid to publish it? Early excerpts?

Kristen: I don’t know… Wouldn’t it show up as preorder or coming soon? Otherwise it’s money wasted.

Candace: You would think.

So the mystery continues. If anyone knows where to find the full translation, please help us out! Inquiring minds need to know!


Sebastián de Covarrubias Horozco,  17th century Spanish Dictionary author

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