Downton Abbey Season 6: Episodes 4, 5, & 6. Zombies and Tying Up Strings

Since we were way behind on Downton Abbey, we had a watching marathon this weekend and discussed episodes 4, 5, & 6. This was actually more satisfying since it seems to be moving at a slow pace; it’s hard to believe there are only a few episodes left!

Candace: Edith can drive a car?

Kristen: Yes! Remember the kiss with the farmer she was driving the tractor for during the war?

Candace: Right.

Kristen: Ok, this really applies to all three episodes….When did Carson and Lord Grantham decide to start hating on Barrows? I know he’s caused more than his share of troubles, but wasn’t it just last season they rescued him when the pretty boy tried to have him thrown out for kissing him? And Mary got him to help them put Rose’s father-in-law in his place? In the earlier episodes, they said they needed to reduce staff and used that as reasoning to get rid of him, but just realized they hired 2 new “day” maids and no one is talking about staff reduction anymore except for him…

Candace: I have been wondering the same thing! Barrows is a character, but he’s done nothing to deserve this treatment this season. I felt so sorry for him in episode 6. Now they won’t even let him make friends without being suspicious of him. When Mr. Carson told him his word was basically worthless, that was devastating.

Kristen: Yes, I really miss his character of previous episodes. And such dark foreshadowing for him.

Candace: Also, Mr. Carson is a mess! He doesn’t want the villagers getting crazy ideas by touring Downton, but now that he has his own home, he wants it run just like he Abbey!

Kristen: Oh I know, what a mess he is. Talk about having unrealistic expectation, very ironic.  He didn’t think the bed was made up well enough!

Candace: Haha. No messy linen sheets for him!

Kristen: I love they brought Gwen back. It was a great transition and reminder about Sybil.


Candace: Okay, I totally didn’t remember Gwen. It’s been so long since I saw those episodes that I was really having to rack my brain to recall her storyline.

Kristen: It took me a few minutes too but loved that they brought her back. She and Anna were roommates. Of course Tom needed to be there for her return. Ok, can I just say “eeewww!” about the bloody dinner scene?

Candace: Yes! I did not see that coming.

Kristen: It was like Downton Abbey & Zombies. Very fake looking but so gross.


Candace: Haha! Great analogy!!

Kristen: Do you feel like they want us to think there is a bit of a romance between Mary & Tom?  Because it just really will not work for me, even though they get along great, he is a great brother/adviser to her.

Candace: I didn’t pick up romance, but I think Tom has assumed the roll of son and brother, something the Crowley family really needed. I like Mary and Matthew Goode 🙂

Kristen: Yes, I totally agree. They really look so pretty together!!


Candace: And Mr. Mason and Ms. Patmore! I did not see that romance coming, but it is a perfect pairing!

Kristen: Yes, do you feel like we are tying up all the loose strings? And I know there needs to be drama but I am so tired of Daisy…like not wanting to share Mr. Mason. She wouldn’t have even become friends with him except Mrs Patmore encouraged her.

Candace: Great point! And yes, this feels like a loose string tying farewell tour of Downton. I really loved how episode 6 highlights touring the house, since I have done that myself!

Kristen: Oh yes! I wondered if you thought about the parallels to modern day with that venture?!  Didn’t they agree to film to pay for the house?

Candace: I did! In fact, I think I could do a whole post on just that!

Kristen: That’s a great idea, you had some great pictures. I’m sure that would be very exciting for any DA fans. Ok so the hospital drama…I’m actually confused about this now. They said in episode 6 it was not their decision they could make? Hello? What have we been talking about for 6 episodes then?

Candace: Yes! The decision had been made for them?

Kristen: Yes, didn’t it seem that way?

Candace: A sign of government power growing?

Kristen: Absolutely.

Candace: I looooooved Lady Grantham calling herself the villagers appointed voice for the hospital on earth. Definitely recalling a royal view of the world.

Kristen: I get confused, Isn’t Lady Grantham Cora?

Candace: I get confused on the titles . I can’t remember what granny is called now.

Kristen: The Dowager? Or maybe that’s just her house?

Candace: Ha! I don’t know!!
Kristen: I thought they might reference back to Sybil’s pregnancy in the hospital fight.

Candace: Instead they just turned Lord Grantham into a zombie

Kristen: Ha!! Yes!!

Candace: But even his health scare made no impact

Kristen: Yes, but were you ever in any doubt that he would be fine? I had zero thoughts of “will he make it?”

Candace: Well anyone can be killed off now. I was surprised that by the next episode his crisis was over.

Kristen: I loved this shot, what a beautiful estate.  Was this land still owned by the current homeowners when you visited?


Candace: Oh I’m sure. The estate is large. The house is out in the country surrounded by nothing but land.

Kristen: I thought they might have sold off land over the years?

Candace: Even if they have, there is still plenty.
Kristen: So, I have a hard time seeing Harriet Walter make appearances without mentally going back to Sense and Sensibility. Also, after one of the episodes there was a preview for another show, Mercy Street, and guess who it is – Ted!!


Candace: What?!? HIMYM???

Kristen: Yes! So now we know what Ted has been doing!

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