Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 7: Save Thomas! Barrow for Butler!

Candace: The Dowager Countess!

Kristen: Yeah!

(Picking up from our previous review, the answer to what do we call Violet?)

Candace: Just watched episode 7.

Kristen: I watched it yesterday. So episode 7 was awful with the crash. Even though there was a lot of foreshadowing with Mary being anxious, I was not expecting that. And obviously she doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again, so she broke up with Henry, but I think we have not seen the last of him. Especially with Tom playing matchmaker.

Candace: Oh that crash and fire was awful! I definitely felt relieved like Mary did that Henry was still alive.


Kristen: I know, Mary would never have opened her heart to anyone again if it had been Henry.

Candace: She might never have ridden in a car again!

Kristen: And her and Anna have really delved pretty deeply in friendship. Anna running after her during the crash…

Candace: Yes. I thought it was interesting that Anna didn’t think Henry was good enough for Mary.

Kristen: Yes, but more that they live very different lives. Would he live at Downton?

Candace: He’d have to! She isn’t leaving it. As Edith said, it’s Mary’s house now.

Kristen: How would he race? I’m calling it now, him and Tom start something together. Tom keeps talking about some kind of garage?

Candace: I totally can see that happening. What’s going to happen with Edith tells her land agent that Marigold is her child? Or will she ever?

Kristen: She must tell him…I think that will be a bit of drama. Everyone but Mary knows, and she suspects. Where does a land agent live?

Candace: She strongly suspects. I think he lives on the estate or near the estate of the family he is the agent for?

Kristen: Would they live in London? In her ex-boyfriend’s flat?

Candace: Yeah…I think that is where they would have to live….

Kristen: Can you see Edith living in an overseer cottage?

Candace: Nope! But Mary would love to watch Edith do that!! Okay, what about Tom and the new editor?

Kristen: Oh man, I saw that too. Stop trying to make everyone coupled up!!

Candace: Yes!! I’m glad Mr. Mosley is going to teach. What a perfect job for him. Maybe with him leaving they can keep Barrow?

Kristen: Yes, I hope so! I was a bit surprised that he was more knowledgeable than many Oxford scholars…he always seems like a bit of an idiot.

Candace: Book smart but not necessarily always exhibiting a lot of common sense? Or people sense. He’s had a hard time finding his place. Never was meant to be a butler.


Kristen: So ironically Mary and Edith both received proposals the same night!

Candace: Good point! One declined, and one almost accepted.

Kristen: Ok, so I loved the Dowager Countess in this episode. She went to the South of France so she would miss home, “winkled” the truth out of Ms Cruikshank, and gave Robert a new puppy!! (Winkled reminds me of Sense and Sensibility…”I’ll winkle the truth out of you!!)


Candace: Her role in episode 7 was perfect!

Kristen: I wish I could go to the South of France sometimes to cool off!

Candace: For real! Sigh me up! I just go to your house 😉

Kristen: We need a beach trip! And did we know that Isis the other dog was gone?

Candace: Oh yes, she died last season. Cancer I think?

Kristen: I didn’t remember that! I must have blocked it out.

Candace: It’s been a minute since I saw it, but Isis definitely died and it was heartbreaking.  I love how all of their dogs have Egyptian names, giving a nod to the Carnarvon family and their support of Egyptian exploration.

(Candace visited Highclere Castle, the fictional Downton Abbey. The Carnarvon family was very involved in recovering Egyptian artifacts and had a museum on the property).

Kristen: Was Isis the only dog so far?

Candace: Yes, that we are privy too, but Edith said they always pick Egyptian names when Robert was naming the dog. And what a mom move. Buy your son a puppy so he won’t be mad at you!


Kristen: Yes! And it totally worked! Back to Edith, she was awful cozy curled up on the couch with Bertie, no shoes too! Was that allowed?

Candace: I thought that looked rather scandalous!


Kristen: So how did you like how Mrs Hughes got even?

Candace:I LOVED her fake injury. And watching Mr. Carson fall asleep during dinner. Perfect!

Kristen: Now he knows how much hard work goes into cooking!

Candace: Ok so, puppy, fake injury, and they should keep Thomas now that Mosley is leaving!!

Kristen: The fake injury was brilliant. Yes, they should keep Thomas now, but I doubt it since they have been trying all season to get rid of him.

Candace: It’s his home! They are his family! Why does no one realize this?? #savethomas #barrow4butler

Kristen: Love it!!! And he doesn’t get to tutor Andy anymore.

Candace: The one friend he was starting to make. Maybe he’s acted so tough for so long that they don’t realize he has feelings.

Kristen: So what was with the guy hiding in the bushes watching Ms Patmore leave her hotel?

Candace: With a camera too! Paparazzi?

Kristen: #savethomas!!

Candace: Ha, No idea.

Kristen: I guess we will have a bit of drama?

Candace: Because someone dying in a fiery car accident and zombie Robert aren’t enough?

Kristen: Exactly;)

Candace: How many more episodes are there?

Kristen: Two?

Candace: So sad!

Kristen: Yes, me too. I love the architecture and fashions and language as much as the show…

Candace: I may have to start the whole series all over. I’ve clearly forgotten things!


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