Kristen’s Favorite Tech Links

snappa-internet favorites

The Hubby and I are both engineers, so we love technology, gadgets, and all things geek. When it comes to keeping myself up to date with the newest technology news, there are a couple of sites that I look to more than others. The first site is Engadget, which provides everything from technical reviews to the way technology is impacting current events. It’s the first place I go when I want to buy a smart thermostat, find a summary of political candidates technical ideologies, or read about the featured gadgets at the latest technical expo. If you have never visited, take some time to check out their page linked below!

Screenshot (1)

The second site that I frequent most is MacRumors. They are all-Apple coverage of news, rumors, and latest products. They almost always have accurate information about features and release dates. This is great when planning new purchases, e.g. I need a new iPad but should I wait for the next release? They also provide great coverage of the WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference). Here’s a link to their site for all the Apple fans!

Screenshot (2)

So geek out and get yourself up on current tech news!


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