Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 8: A House of Ill Repute!

imageAll the excitement that has been building came to fruition in episode 8. Spoilers Ahead – if you haven’t watched it yet, stop now! We discussed over the course of a few days since we watched at different times.

Kristen: Wow. Just watched episode 8. We made up for all the slow episodes with that one!

Candace: Don’t tell me!!!!

Kristen: Oh my gosh. You are going to want to watch this one soon. Best episode so far.

Candace: Okay! Tonight!
Kristen: Yeah! Can’t wait to talk about it! Wow, so many things!

Candace: Okay, I now understand your frustration about different length DA episodes. Episode 8 was so long!

Kristen: Yes! So long!

Candace: By the way, I dreamt about Downton Abbey since I watched it right before bed. Or I dreamt that I had a secret baby ala Edith and had to tell everyone that the baby was really mine. It was stressful!

Kristen: It would be awesome if you had a secret baby! You know, not being 1930. 🙂

Candace: If I told you I had a secret baby, you would reply “awesome!!!”?

Kristen: Yes! And then, details!!

Candace: Ha!! Well….there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you….:)

Kristen: So I actually loved the episode, best one yet. I loved that Tom called Granny home!


And very appropriate that Mary go see Mathew when her softer side started showing again

Candace: Yes!! Tom feels more like family member now than ever. I also love how he isn’t intimidated by Mary.

Kristen: No, he bosses her a bit! And wow they got married fast!


Candace: Yes! And she needs that. Yes! Crap what’s Matthew Goode’s character’s name?

Kristen: Henry! Oh Henry!

Candace: Thank you! I could only think of Tony! And yet still no marriage for Edith!!!


Kristen: Yes, but he will come around surely. I almost expected Mary to go seek him out and fix it.

Candace: Oooh Edith. Marrying England’s most eligible bachelor was just too good to be true.

Kristen: And how convenient that he is suddenly a title and land owner! It’s hard for me to appreciate how big of a scandal an illegitimate child would be?

Candace: Okay, when Bertie said no one understood how close he and his late cousin were…I’m just saying, was Edith going to be his beard?


Kristen: Haha!!! I thought it sounded very suspicious too! But I think they were trying to make him sound sensitive and honest, it just came off very awkward!

Candace: I think you are probably right.

Kristen: He also seemed to have a somewhat unhealthy mother/son relationship

Candace: Definitely. Maybe Edith dodged a bullet.

Kristen: I wonder if he was running home to see what mum thinks he should do? Her character seemed to try to take the high road at the end and make peace with Mary.

Candace: Ooooh, mum would not approve!!!

Kristen: Definitely not!

Candace: Well Edith and Mary are sisters. They are stuck together!

Kristen: It seems that all Edith had to say was that was why she had delayed answering him, because she was trying to decide if it was fair to burden him with Marigold. Is Marigold a common English name? It seems odd…


Candace: I don’t know. Good question. Okay, Thomas’ story was heartbreaking, but seemed to be where he was headed all season.

Kristen: Oh Thomas. It was almost a relief that at last he had some part to play. He has been superfluous to the story all season. It was so sad but there was so much buildup that I was not really surprised.

Candace: The comparison of him and Mary being such similar personalities was poignant

Kristen: Yes. I think it gave her a long pause

Candace: And master George bringing him an orange was so sweet

Kristen: I know! How about the “house of ill repute?” 🙂

Candace: Oooooooh, poor Mrs Patmore!  Who would ever think her little bed and breakfast would get a reputation for being a “house of ill repute!”   But that was the piece of levity the episode needed.

Kristen: And everyone laughed so uncontrollably about it. Like gut laughed. Not sure I remember anything making everyone laugh like that.

Candace: Well it was funny! Haha.

Kristen: And Mr. Mosley! That was heartwarming, the moment he had connecting with his students.

Candace: He has finally found his calling as a teacher!

Kristen: So one episode left?

Candace: Yes! One week after the oscars!!! Who am I kidding, we never watch the episodes on time 😉

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