Candace’s Favorite Blogs

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Blogs are the new morning newspaper.  My blogs of choice tend to fall into the fashion and design spheres.  I am always looking for new ideas for how to decorate and best use the space in my small 1940s craftsman style home, and I love reading up on new fashion trends.  A few of my favorite blogs that I read every day while drinking my morning coffee are:

Apartment Therapy

I love going through other people’s houses and seeing how they decorate and utilize space.  Apartment Therapy allows me to do just that from the comfort of my own couch.  The blog features everyday people’s homes, originally focused on apartments but now expanded to include houses and condos.  You can walk into the home of people all over the country (and sometimes in Canada and Europe) through picture tours and see how they incorporate their individual styles into their personal spaces.  Some house tours are hits and some are misses, but the reader comments at the end of a tour always make for interesting reading.

Screenshot (3).png

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily Schuman’s popular lifestyle blog is the inspiration for two books, a clothing line, and numerous partnerships with popular brands, including Estee Lauder and Birchbox.  I love peeking into her closet and seeing her different outfit selections, as well as her recipe ideas and entertaining tips.  Plus, it is always sunny and warm in L.A. where she is based, and on cold winter days it is nice to remember that the sun is shining somewhere!

Screenshot (4)

York Avenue Blog

In the battle of West Coast v. East Coast, I definitely lean East Coast.  This New York City based lifestyle blog about interior design, fashion, food, and life on the Upper East Side, lets me daydream about living in the Big Apple.  Blogger and nurse Jacqueline Clair posts fun picture diaries of NYC in changing seasons as well as different restaurants and stores she discovers on her adventures in the city.  She also is an avid reader with great book suggestions.

Screenshot (5)


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