So long, farewell Downton Abbey!

The final episode of Downton Abbey has come and gone! Candace watched it Sunday, but Kristen didn’t finish it until the babies nap #2 on Monday!  My apologies for posting late today also!  Just like Lady never understood about Sundays in the Disney classic, my babies do not understand daylight savings!

Kristen: Finished watching Downton!

Candace: Yeah!

Kristen: It’s finally over! And mostly happy endings all around, at least hints of happy endings for all!


Candace: Yes. Which reminds me, I owe you a $5 Starbucks gift card…

Kristen:I think I owe you one too :). For my counter-bet! Speaking of Andy, I thought the scene with him on the roof with Daisy gazing at him with obvious interest was hilarious. It was very cliched, right? Sweaty guy working?

Candace: Oh definitely! Also I loved it when Mrs. Patmore reminded daisy that the only guy she showed interest in w/o promoting was Thomas!

Kristen: Yes! I had completely forgotten that part!

Candace: Also I hope Mrs. Patmore and Mr Mason end up together.

Kristen: It definitely looked that way! And Tom with the editor, who conveniently caught the bouquet…

Candace: Yes! Heavy foreshadowing there.

Kristen: Not that I’m not glad Mary got her happy ending, but her softer-side character was a little ingenuous. It’s just hard to believe…

Candace: Of course she finds out she’s pregnant in time for Edith to get married

Kristen: Yes!


Candace: I never got excited about Edith and Bernie. I never felt the attraction.

Kristen: No, there was no chemistry there. Whether intended or not…


Candace: I’m still not sure Edith isn’t Bernie’s beard…

Kristen: Yes!  What was all that talk about his cousin and immoral behavior? And she does have a job ahead of her with that MIL!

Candace: I don’t know!! I really thought that was leading to a big revelation. What WAS he doing in Tangiers?? Personally, I might prefer the city life in London…

Kristen: Is Tangiers known for something?

Candace: Well, according to the telegraph in UK from November 2015, they are saying it is Downton code for homosexual. Sooo, if they are all about honesty, why won’t Bertie tell Edith this?

Kristen: So he said in earlier episode that he was the only one who was kind to him.

Candace: And Bertie and his cousin were “so close”

Kristen: Ha, yes. I guess he could have just been a confidante.

Candace: I don’t know, during the whole wedding I kept thinking…I don’t know about this!


Kristen: If Bertie was “close” to his cousin in that way, why wasn’t he in Tangiers with him? I think Bertie is just sympathetic.

Candace: I think you are probably right, but with Edith’s luck, you just can’t ever feel too confident…

Kristen: I know, I just kept waiting for the MIL to speak up during the “forever hold your peace.” Really I didn’t think it was a done deal until the after party.


Candace: Ditto! And can you see Edith living in that huge castle?

Kristen: No! She seems so out of place! But to be fair so did Bertie. His mother, wow…

Candace: She may be worse to live with than Mary!!!


Kristen: Didn’t happen to visit that castle, did you? It was like a city!

Candace: Haha. Can’t say that I did.

Kristen: I loved the snow shot of Highclere at the end! Gorgeous! And Rose came! She also helped tidy up a few loose strings.


Candace: With pictures of her baby too!


Kristen: I totally boohoo’ed at the Thomas/children saying goodbye scene.

Candace: Oh that was so sad! But it allowed him to come back as Butler with the respect he needed.

Kristen: Yes, a happy ending for him! Poor Carson, I felt sorry for him, even though he needed to move on. That scene with Lord Grantham at the reception was great.


Can I say that my favorite part was the Isobel and Violet storyline? Them rescuing Dickie was so great! And Violet had some great lines….”Never let tenderness be a bar to a bit of snooping.” And, “I never answer any question more incriminating then whether I need a new rug.”

Candace: They are like a well bred Thelma and Louise!

Kristen: I just love their friendship. Like sisters of the heart.

Candace: She also had the last line in the series. Violet always gets the last word

Kristen: Yes, because she delivers them so well! We would be so lucky to have a friendship that looks after each other at that age!

Candace: Yes! I also like that Tom and Henry started their own business.


Kristen: I totally called that!!

Candace: Something to give them their own identity outside of the Crowley family.

Kristen: Me too, and I loved Tom’s line about being married to Mr. Rolls. And I called Mary getting Edith and Bertie back together! Which is pitiful that it took that to get Bertie to see her!

Candace: You totally did.

Kristen: He couldn’t live without her? Seriously. And he cried at the restaurant…He’s no Tom.

Candace: Haha. The thing is, I liked Bertie when he helped Edith get her magazine deadline met.

Kristen: Yes! Me too!

Candace: But every episode after that he just got progressively less interesting.

Kristen: You are right. Did you notice that Cora said “You don’t have to recite the Gettysburg address to me?” Talking to Robert about the hospital.

Candace: Yes!!!!

Kristen: I thought that was strange even though she was an American.

Candace: It was very unnatural, but maybe it served as a reminder that she is American. Here towards the end I know I would forget.

Kristen: Being the history major, do you know if it was well known in England? Cora just seems like she has become British. I mean, does Robert get it? It seems like American history to me.

Candace: Oh yeah, the British like Lincoln. I seem to remember a statue of him in the Westminster area of London by parliament and Westminster Abbey.

Kristen: Wow, I didn’t know that.

Candace: Yes! In parliament square which was erected in 1920.


Kristen: Really. Ok so maybe not that out of place a statement.

Candace: That is the Supreme Court behind him, and Westminster Abbey in the left side. Not very extravagant, but pretty. As is Edith’s dress.

Kristen: Yes, very lovely placement. What did you think about Edith’s wedding dress?


Candace: Wish I could remember what her first dress looked like from wedding #1.

Kristen: Ta-da!


Candace: Pretty, but I like her most recent dress better.

Kristen: Yes, I just wish it was a bit longer. I’m not a fan of that length for her, but it was gorgeous.

Candace: Just hope this marriages lasts!

Kristen: It will for us. We will never know.

Candace: But will there be a movie one day??

Kristen: Oh have you heard some buzz?? That last episode felt like a movie…Mary will be the Dowager by then??

Candace: Yes! See the interview linked:

‘Downton Abbey’ Bosses on ‘Happy’ Series Finale, Movie Update & Spinoff Ideas (SPOILERS)

I don’t think they’ll wait that long for Mary.

Kristen: Well, I will not get my hopes up for the continued level of fun. Usually spin offs do not do the original justice…But I would probably watch it!

Candace: Agreed, and I would too!

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