Tech in the News!

This has been such a tech-filled headline week that I wanted to share a few!

Apple held their spring announcement event on Monday, this time called “Loop You In.”  If you are interested you can watch the full event recap here.  I wanted to specifically call out the drop in price for the Apple Watch, now $299, along with the introduction of new bands.  Engadget has an article detailing the new bands or you can now order them from Apple! I am definitely getting one of those new nylon bands!


Speaking of Apple, we heard on Monday that the Justice Department asked for a delay for the hearing in the ongoing court battle over the software request to bypass iPhone security.  Now MacRumors is reporting that an Israeli Firm Cellibrite has been hired to assist the FBI in bypassing lock code.


Tuesday night, a commercial shuttle, Orbital ATK Cygnus, carried by an Atlas V rocket, launched to the International Space Station carrying cargo and experiments.  You can see a video of the launch on NASA’s website.  One of the most interesting experiments is the study of a fire in a large space vessel.  You can read about that experiment and all the others, including a gecko-inspired adhesive!



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