Apple Pay: Secure and handy!

I finally set up Apple Pay on my Watch about a month ago and I have been trying to use it as often as I can. Apple has a good video that shows you how to set up under the native “wallet” app, so I’m just going to link you directly to it here. Note that once you set it up on your iPhone, you need to go into the Watch app and select a default card for your Watch under the “Wallet & Apple Pay” menu.


The setup was much easier than when I tried to set up initially on my phone over a year ago (when Apple Pay first debuted). You can choose the verification type (depending on the bank), and the entire setup process was very quick.


To use at brick-and-mortar checkout, just double-tap the side button and a tiny credit card image will appear on your Watch. Hold it near the card reader, and you will hear a faint beep, and then the reader will show processing. For anyone who has twiddled her thumbs waiting on the new chip reader, convert to Apple Pay and save yourself time!  It’s much faster than the chip readers!

I’ve noticed that the Watch has a shorter range than the phone, which does not have to be quite as close. You will notice that the card number on your receipt will not match your actual card; this is part of the security. Apple Pay creates a temporary card each time you use it, so store employees never see your personal information. It still seems novel in many places I have used it, but it has worked flawlessly. For example, at Sherwin Williams over the weekend, they commented they had never seen anyone use the Apple Watch to pay. In addition to the security, the other most beneficial feature to me is that I don’t have to take out my wallet, keeping my hands free!  Also, since I set up Apple Pay, I noticed that some of my apps allow for Apple Pay, such as Panera Bread.

Not sure if Apple Pay is available at retailers near you? There’s an app for that!  Check out Pay Finders from the App Store.


Pay Finders by First American Resources, Inc



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