Current Obsessions – Aspen Bay Candles, Aquaphor, Paulette’s Palette, & Tech Candy

Current Obsessions

Kristen’s Obsessions:

Aspen Bay candles: a longtime obsession, these candles are poured in Starkville, MS and are the only candles that I buy!  They all have a great natural scent that lasts even after only burning a short time.  The glasses are all beautiful and great for repurposing after the candle is gone (just place in the freezer and the leftover wax will easily pop out).


You can also find them at retailers like Anthropologie!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment:  I started using this for one of my twins who has had skin allergies to every baby product known to man, but quickly started using for myself!  I have had dry skin the entire time I have been nursing, and this ointment is amazing!  It’s currently my use-for-any-skin-issue product on myself and my girls!  In honor of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it’s my “Windex!”


Candace’s Obsessions:

Paulette’s Palette:  I love original art!  I especially adore the feminine sketches done by Paulette Pearson of Paulette’s Palette.  Her fashion illustrations possess a level of realism, including models with wispy hair, ballet slippers that are definitely en pointe, and a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag that looks like you could pick it up and carry it away.  She did a custom order note card set for me of a 1950s model that are so pretty I even framed one!  Full disclosure – she’s also a dear friend!

Paulette's Palette - Paulette Pearson


Tech Candy :  The Tech Candy Get Cord-Inated 3-in-1 usb cord is my favorite charging cord.  It charges everything.  My ipad mini, my iPhone 4S (4 years old and going strong!  I’m not quite as tech savvy as Kristen!), my camera, my nook, and also works with android devices.  I am super hard on charging cords, I wear them out pretty quickly, but this woven cord still looks brand new.  Plus it’s super long.  I keep it in my car so anyone riding with me can quickly charge up their phone if they need to, no mater what brand device they have, and I travel with it.  Life is so much easier when all of your cords can be combined into one!   picture from amazon – where you can also order one of these cords!tech candy get cord-inated


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