Album Review: The 1975

The 1975

English alternative rock band The 1975 released their sophomore album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It, a little over a month ago on February 26, 2016.  I downloaded the album on hoopla shortly after it was released.  This is an unusual album.  It is long, with 17 tracks, and the band experiments with different sounds as the album progresses.  The first track, “The 1975”, is an interlude with an ethereal choral component, that then transitions into the second track, “Love Me”, which immediately takes you to the 1980s with a sound reminiscent of David Bowie’s “Fame”.  This ’80s inspired sound can be heard in the next four tracks; however, when you hit the seventh track, “Please Be Naked”, the sound of the album shifts.  Tracks 7, 8, and 12, are all instrumental, with a more electronic sound than 1980s vibe.  While we hear the band singing on tracks 9, 10, and 11; it is not until track 13, “The Sound”, that the album returns to the same groove as the first few tracks, complete with a saxophone (which totally screams 1980s) on track 14’s “This Must Be My Dream”.  Overall, I really enjoyed this album, but I have to admit, I tend to skip over the instrumental only tracks.  My favorite tracks are – “Love Me“, “She’s American“, “The Sound“, and “This Must Be My Dream“.

~ Candace

album artwork property of The 1975

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