A Nursery Renovation for my Tiny Overlords

One of our friends has a framed saying gifted to them when they had their first child, “Welcome, tiny overlord!”  How very true that has turned out to be!

Hubby and I have done a lot of DIY improvements over the years. We both love to help a room or space reach its’ potential. Before our twins were born, we had several projects that we wanted to finish, because we knew it would be a while before we had time to commit to anything other than them! Our number one project was to renovate the nursery, which had previously been a guest room. We had already replaced the carpet with hardwoods and scraped the popcorn off the ceiling to make it flat.

The first thing on our list was update the closet. The space was almost unusable as it was, and there was no light, making it dark and gloomy. We purchased customizable closet insert organizers from IKEA, which I also have in my master closet.  I went with a variety of drawers and shelves, not knowing what I might need. We also added an overhead LED light. I was very glad that we went with the LED light; it is bright, very low profile, and was about the same price as a traditional light.

The next thing we did was repaint the room. We went with a neutral gray on three walls and a modified Sherwin-Williams pattern of stripes on the fourth wall. I would definitely advise getting samples of paint if you are trying for a gray; we went through several before finding a true gray!  We wanted to girl-out with accessories, so the neutral gray helped us balance all the pink. This stripe pattern took about eight hours to tape but less than an hour to paint! All the credit for the stripes goes to Hubby as I was too big to see my toes at this point, and in fact got stuck on the floor trying to help tape!  We love how it turned out and have used it as a background for photos.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hubby also built a custom diaper changing station on top of an existing dresser. We had a set of guest furniture and decided to use it instead of purchasing nursery furniture to save money and storage. We found cribs that were a similar color cherry and put the coordinating queen bed in storage. We painted the dresser topper to keep from having to match the wood color and to break up the furniture. We also added a little height, via a false bottom, to the changing table section to keep us from leaning over.



My goal for any space is to be pretty and functional. We achieved both in the nursery!

~ Kristen


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