An Arrow Through the Heartland – Mumford & Sons Live

Last Thursday, I was one of 9,395 fans who headed to Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, Arkansas to watch Mumford & Sons performed on their An Arrow Through the Heartland United States Tour.  I own every Mumford & Sons record and have wanted to see them live ever since I saw a video of them performing “I Will Wait” in a concert at Red Rocks.  So, when it was announced last November that they were coming to Little Rock, I knew I had to go!

The concert opened with Blake Mills, an American songwriter and guitarist with a bluesy sound.  I was unfamiliar with Blake, but really enjoyed his music!  His band, especially the drummer, looked like they were having so much fun on stage.  Marcus Mumford even snuck on stage to join in on percussion.


That’s Mumford in the hat!

Shortly after Blake Mills left the stage, Mumford & Sons took over with an impressive light display and two levels of instruments.

Mumford & Sons

Blake Mills’ band also sat in through out the concert on many different Mumford songs.

Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons completely exceeded my expectations.  They played songs from all of their albums, including “Tompkins Square Park”, “Believe”, “The Wolf”, “Lover of the Light”, “Awake My Soul”, “Broken Crown”, and “Little Lion Man”.

At one point, Marcus Mumford did something I’ve never seen done at a concert.  He ran through the floor general admission section, up the stairs of the lower arena bowl, and dashed around half of the lower bowl of the arena.  Stopping to dance with fans as he went.

Mumford & Sons LIttle Rock, AR

That’s Mumford in the black in the middle of a stunned group of fans.  I was also impressed at how well the security detail kept up with him!

They disappeared about half way through the concert and reappeared at the back of the arena where they performed a mesmerizing acoustic version of “Timshel”.

Mumford & Sons Little Rock

Mumford & Sons looked like they were having so much fun when they performed and they are one of the few bands that I have seen who actually sound better live.  Recordings of their songs do not do justice to the effort they put into a jam session.  They are loud.  You can hear the force of their music entering your chest.  I may have been slightly deaf the next morning, but let me tell you, I loved every moment of this concert.  Especially when they played the song I’d literally been waiting for, “I Will Wait”, towards the end of the concert.  I was also impressed with how seamlessly the songs from their new more rock and roll album, Wilder Minds, and their earlier Americana inspired songs flowed together.  They all sounded like they belonged to the same band and they all sounded amazing.

Mumford & Sons Little Rock, AR

I’ve been playing Mumford & Sons songs ever since the concert ended last Thursday night.  I hope I don’t have to wait too long for them to return to Arkansas; but, however long it takes, I WILL WAIT!

~ Candace

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