J. D. Robb’s Brotherhood In Death


In full disclosure, I love the In Death series!  I look forward to reading a new one like catching up with friends that I have known a long time.  The last couple novels were a bit slow and not enough interaction of any of the peripheral characters, but fans of the series will love this latest installment which focuses on Dennis Mira, husband to the departmental psychologist  Dr. Mira.  For readers new to this series, it is set in a futuristic New York City and follows the heroine Lt. Eve Dallas, homocide cop and survivor of childhood abuse, her mega-rich husband Roarke (one name only), and her girl Friday partner Detective Peabody, along with a plethora of other characters that we have met over the series.  As a fan of technology, I love the gadgets that Nora Roberts (writing as J.D. Robb) dreams up, which many times are actually reasonable unlike many futuristic societies worlds that have totally unreasonable ideas of where technology is headed.  In this series you will read about holorooms, house droids, and asuper networked society as part of the daily routine.  The police department even contains a “geek department,” where forensic electronics are highlighted.

The action in Brotherhood In Death moves very quickly, focusing on tracking the killers of prominent and wealthy men, and the reader will sense very quickly that the current victims seem to be predators themselves.  As with all novels in this series, our illustrious Eve Dallas will always prevail so you can read the gory details knowing that justice will be served in the end.


Book artwork is property of author.


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