Series: Apple Watch Apps Well Done


I found a great fitness app that uses the Watch last week.  It’s called Seven and the base app is free (with in-app purchases).

7 Minute Workout “Seven” with High Intensity Interval Training Challenge by Perigee

This app challenges you to do at least a seven minute workout every day.  I had some doubts about whether seven minutes gets you anything…until I woke up sore the next day!  You get rewarded for doing consecutive workouts and unlock new workouts (or you can purchase more).  It also sends you a guilty reminder if you haven’t done your workout “Do you have seven minutes?”  Seriously, of course I have seven minutes, so I feel guilted into working out even if I am tired, which is great actually.

The workout instructions look great on my watch.

You can choose from different voice instructors to keep you motivated.

I wish it had more variety in workouts sooner without purchases but otherwise I am loving it!

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