Coffee Bar for the Space-Challenged

I love coffee.  Like, it gives me joy, love it.  I never even liked it in college, but when I started working, it was everywhere.  It was a social exchange like the modern day water cooler.  I gradually began to find that not all coffee is created equally, and slowly began to enjoy it.  Now it gives me a sense of happiness to drink and enjoy it, and I feel totally glamorous if I have two cups in the morning.  Well…post-babies I feel glamorous finishing my first cup!


I created a coffee space so I could have everything I needed to make my coffee-on-the-go right at my fingertips using a mismatch of colors and textures.  The footed silver tray was a donation store find and is the perfect size to group my containers and items. The copper canisters were a garage sale find, and the glass bowl was one of my grandmother’s.  I love the metallics, plain white and colored glass mixed together in this super efficient mini-coffee bar that takes up minimal and well earned space on my countertops!


The larger copper canister also holds the lids for my to-go cups, keeping the tray neat and organized.


It’s important to me that every space be efficient and functional, but that is no reason that it shouldn’t be pretty also!

~ Kristen

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