Baby Food Experiments: White Bread Ravioli

As soon as  my babies were able to pick up food, they refused to eat from a spoon anymore.  So…”what do I do with all these leftover frozen purées,” has been the question for a few weeks now.  I finally decided I would make pasta to create baby ravioli like you see in the baby food section.  My 1″ x 1″ ravioli maker came this week and before I could even try the pasta, I had another brainstorm, sandwich raviolis!

I have been struggling to find ways to incorporate peanut butter into their diet to hopefully prevent later allergies.  They will not eat it mixed with banana anymore because it’s spoon-fed and the peanut butter/sweet potato cookies were not a hit.  So I was resigned to messy peanut butter and jelly sandwich bites, when I realized that I could contain it with my ravioli maker!  I just mixed some defrosted apricot purée with a little all-natural peanut butter.


Next I placed one slice of white bread on my ravioli tray and rolled it out.  I also used my finger to squish the bread into each ravioli cavity.


Next I added a small amount of the purée and peanut butter mixture to each ravioli cavity.


Then I placed another slice of bread on top and rolled it until it was cut around each ravioli.

I’m so happy that the girls really loved these, and I have to admit I ate some myself! 🙂

~ Kristen

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