Robert St. John Inspired Poetry and Photos


Reading this collection of poetry was purely born of curiosity.  Hubby has a t-shirt that says “In My South Football is King.”  It was a gift, and we never thought much about it.  Last week though as we were leaving the park, someone asked if it was a Robert St. John shirt, and we were baffled having never heard of him.  Sure enough the shirt had a “RSJ” logo on it, so I started googling!  It turns out I have read a Robert St. John cookbook, Deep South Staples: or How to Survive in a Southern Kitchen Without a Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup, and that he owns a restaurant in Hattiesburg, MS.  So I picked up a copy of My South,  A People, a Place, a World of its Own, from my local library.  It is based on a spoken forum hosted by Turner South, and features Southerners from various locations and backgrounds expressing what their culture means to them.  Some of the poetry is moving but I have to confess that I really enjoyed the photographs the most!

If you love the South, you will enjoy this read very much, and it makes a great coffee table book because you can browse and read short sections independently.

~ Kristen

*Artwork property of authors.

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