Outdoors In Four Seasons

Enclosing  our porch is a project that I wish we had done when we moved in. Originally we loved the idea of a screened back porch, but we realized that it was too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, and required massive cleaning after the pollen season.  Now that it’s enclosed, we use our porch all year long!

Previously we had added onto the uncovered portion of our deck, relocating the stairs & adding a reverse ceiling to make a dry storage area underneath.

We also added some pavers and concrete to access the new stairs.   There was also much debate over the large camellia that sat in the corner of our proposed deck (we call it the ‘tree that lived’ in Harry Potter-style).  I am really glad that we kept it; it adds a lot of beauty and an interesting shape to our deck.


Ok, back to enclosing the covered porch.  The framing that you see was already in place.  We had painted both the covered and uncovered porches to help unify them.

I was hoping to add windows in the existing cutouts where the screens had originally existed, but we realized quickly that it was going to be very expensive because none of them were exactly the same size (not our handy work).  To add windows or glass, we would have to rebuild the framing, which was time we didn’t have because I was expecting twins in a few months.  We decided instead to replace the screens with 1/4″ plexiglass, which we ordered from Home Depot.  It was very reasonably priced, and could be cut into any shape or size.  We siliconed it in place and added the trim molding back.  The total space is approximately 120 sq. ft.

We replaced the door with one that was more solid and airtight.

And of course we added a stand alone AC/heat unit.  This one by LG actually plugs in to a standard 120V outlet.

This space went from a screen porch that was totally unusable three quarters of the year to a beautiful functioning space that we use daily!


~ Kristen

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