Digital Footprints for Babies – When is it OK to Post?

Hubby & I grew up before the Internet, before blogs, before Facebook and Twitter.  Any embarrassing photos from my childhood are tucked away in physical photo albums or stuck in a drawer at my parent’s house.  Sharing photos from a distance required an envelope and stamp.

Today it is much easier to share and much more complicated.  Although neither of us had a Facebook account when the girls were born, we both use Twitter.  I had shared a couple of pictures early on before I had really thought through what it might mean, but I later deleted them from my account.  We sent an email to some our co-workers with their full names and birthdate; probably a bad idea in hindsight.

But what are the dangers really?  I did a little research and found a few articles (not necessarily recent, but still relevant) that discuss the issues.

The Guardian

It seems that the biggest concern voiced is around security of information:  identity and privacy.  So when my girls are applying for credit cards, will their mothers maiden name and date of birth be easily found from online posts?  Will facial recognition software or photo tags link them to photos that they would cringe having future employers see?  And although I have asked friends and family not to share their photos or information sent from texts or emails, there is no way to police them.

I don’t have any definitive answers, but it is definitely worth more consideration.

~ Kristen



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