Nora Roberts’ The Obsession



Roberts’ stand alone novel The Obsession follows the story of a young girl, Naomi, who discovers her father is a serial killer.  Following him one night, she discovers his hiding place and saves a woman that is captive.  Although he remains in prison, she finds that years later someone is killing women in the same manner in her newly adopted town.

I usually love mystery/romance/crime novels, and this one hits all three, but I guessed the killer very early because there really weren’t many suspects making the book somewhat less exciting.  Also, there was some limited interaction between Naomi and the woman she saved, but it felt forced, which is unusual for Roberts, who typically captures relationships so well.  However, the characters were all very interesting and well developed, making you feel like you know them yourself, which will keep you engaged when the storyline gets too predictable.

All in all a good read for my elliptical time!

~ Kristen

*Artwork property of the author


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