Lost in Time on Sapelo Island

Sapelo Island is a place off the coast of Georgia where you can go to step out of civilization and explore nature unspoiled.  Only reachable by boat or ferry, you will not find swanky restaurants on beach front property or even a traditional grocery store, so pack what you need because you will not find a 24-hour pharmacy.  Instead you will find beaches that you will have almost to yourself, littered with shells and sand dollars, enormous pine trees that you will mistake for hardwoods due to their size, and the laid back pace only found on island time.


Part of the island is now a Georgia State Park, and you can find out about tours and accommodations from their site, including a stay in the Reynolds Mansion (former home of R.J. Reynolds).


Take time to explore the island beyond the beaches and you will find Hog Hammock Community, the Geechee/Gullah culture, where you will find a sometimes-open general store.  Further out you will also find tabby ruins (a shell and mud-like construction) and a gorgeous lighthouse.



If you are looking for a place to escape the urban, spend some time at Sapelo Island.  And one more thing, don’t be late for the ferry!





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