Current Obsessions – Lily Pulitzer, Ozark Trail Tumblers, Thundershirts, & Loyal Stricklin

Current Obsessions

Candace’s Obsessions:

Lily Pulitzer Shopping Bag – Kristen gifted me this bag for my birthday and I love it!  It has become my go-to shopping bag for the grocery store.  It easily holds a box of La Croix, yogurt, vegetables, coffee, and all of your other quick stop grocery needs.  Plus the wide shoulder straps make it easy to carry!

lily pultzer shopping bag

Ozark Natural Trails Tumblers – Walmart’s answer to the Yeti Tumblers.  I was sooo excited to track these elusive tumblers down online.  Mirror images of the pricey Yeti tumblers (in fact, Yeti is suing Walmart for patent infringement), the Walmart Ozark Natural Trails double-wall, vacuum sealed, insulated stainless steal tumblers are an awesome find at $9.74 for the 30 ounce cup and $7.74 for the 20 ounce cup.  They sell out very quickly online and are hard to find in the store.  Randomly checking the website, I was able at two different attempts to find each of the sized cups available online and then shipped for free to the Walmart closest to my house.  YouTube videos have compared the Walmart and Yeti brand cups with very similar results.  Monday I left the 30 ounce cup in my car in the driveway all afternoon and into the next day, through 80 degree weather, and still had ice in the cup Tuesday afternoon.  Consider me a convert.

ozark natural trails tumbers

Thundershirt – This is Baxter, probably the most adorable dog in the world.  Baxter hates thunderstorms.  Since I got back from Spain this week (more on that next week!) it has rained almost every day.  Baxter is a rescue dog and has severe anxiety during thunderstorms; however, the Thundershirt gets his shaking under control and helps him relax.  Definitely a great purchase for this little guy!


Kristen’s latest obsession:

First I just have to say that after reading about the rain since Candace is back from Spain, I have that song from My Fair Lady stuck in my head…”the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plains.”  Or something like that!

I wanted to share a local artisan website that I recently discovered called Loyal Stricklin.  Located in historic Opelika, AL, these handcrafted leather goods are both beautiful and durable.


Locally made goods are making a comeback, and Loyal Stricklin is a great example of why we are willing to spend more for quality, made in America products.  I am really in love with this gorgeous ruck sack which would be super trendy hiking, on campus, or for travel!



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