Tech links!

How awesome is it to transport an external shuttle tank through Los Angeles?  You can see for yourself in this video. This tank was never used, but instead was part of the Columbia investigation.  You can see it yourself once it’s restored at the California Science Center.


Western Digital has acquired SanDisk, which is huge for the solid state market.  You aren’t still using a spinning disk technology are you?  Solid state is finally cost competitive and much less prone to failure since there are no spinning disks, so there is no reason you should not be purchasing solid state when you upgrade.


We all knew that when Disney took over marketing for the Star Wars franchise that there would be lots more purchasing opportunities.  You can find Star Wars merchandise everywhere now, even in your supermarket on cans of soup!  This caught my eye as it is both ridiculously cool and way over the top.  It’s a hologram LP soundtrack from The Force Awakens.  Yes, that wasn’t a typo; and yes, I would love to see one in person!


~ Kristen

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