Baby Finger Foods: Frozen Yogurt Bites

As soon as my girls could feed themselves, they wanted nothing to do with a spoon, so giving them a variety of wholesome foods became much harder.  I am always looking for finger food ideas, and I heard about freezing plain yogurt, so I decided to try it.  I mixed some puréed fresh cherries with a cup of organic Greek yogurt to create a beautiful mixture (had to stop myself from eating it). I first tried using a pastry tip to make “dots,” but it was way too runny, so I poured the mixture into my ravioli tray to freeze.


Later that day, I set them out for a minute or so and the yogurt bites slid out with a little help.  These were especially timely because we are struggling through our first molars, and the cold bites were great on those sore gums.

A little messy as it melted, but I cut into quarters and they were able to eat them much quicker without too much melting.  I think my 1″ ravioli tray will be perfect for next time.

~ Kristen

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