“Our Great Big Backyard” is Beautiful


When I was a child in South Mississppi, my brothers and I had lots of backyard to explore.  We rode dirt bikes, played in our club house, fished in the pond, played capture the flag, and let our imaginations lead the way.  But I totally sympathize with Jane in Our Great Big Backyard, because I loved to read, and sometimes I would hole up and just have to finish a book.  I remember hiding in my closet crying while I finished Where the Red Fern Grows, because my mom had already caught me crying and told me to stop reading for a while.  So while I did not have tablets or computers at her age, I definitely understand the tunnel vision that comes with something you enjoy.

Our Great Big Backyard, by former First Lady Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager, celebrates family time and the enjoyment of nature that many people, not just kids, miss out on by forgetting to stop and look up.  The illustrations are beautiful, highlighting some of the nation’s most iconic national parks such as Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite.  This is a wonderful children’s book, celebrating 100 years of the National Park Service, and I enjoyed reading this to my girls.

Since this is primarily a picture book, I would love to see a board book version so my girls could enjoy the gorgeous pictures hands-on.

~ Kristen


*artwork property of authors & illustrator

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