Tech in the News!

The Pittsburgh Steelers are using robotic tackling dummies that simulate players on the field.  Seriously you have to watch this video, just skip the article and go straight to it.  This is somewhere between hilarious and awesome!

Samsung is rumored to have a smartphone in the works for release next year with a bendable OLED display.  Check out the pictures from MacRumors here.  Apple is also rumored to have a curved OLED display in the works for the iPhone 8.



If you did not sign up for Sling TV the last time I told you about them, this deal will definitely push you over the top.  Sling is finally available to stream via AppleTV!  So I’m guessing they read my blog?!?  Get an AppleTV for $89 when you pre-pay 3 months of streaming service.



The Infinity Science Center in South Mississippi is now home to the Saturn V Rocket Stage that was set to power Apollo 19 before the Apollo missions were cancelled.  I have been to Infinity Science Center before, but I will definitely be making a return visit now.

Saturn V S-1C-15 rocket stage at Stennis Space Center
The Saturn V S-1C-15 rocket stage arrives at Stennis Space Center on June 16, 2006. The stage was transported June 20 from Stennis to the INFINITY Science Center for permanent display.
Credits: NASA/SSC



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