Shipt to the rescue!


I finally broke down and signed up for Shipt, an on-demand grocery delivery service.  Let me give you the background.  My twins woke up hurting from teething Monday night, which means all of us got a few less hours of sleep.  We had exhausted every play area and watched both “Frozen” and “Tangled” in the same day.  And then I realize I’m running low on infant Motrin and milk. So basically we are in a state of emergency at my house.  Normally I would just pack us and go to the store but there is some major tantrum throwing happening, so I logged in and added my items and voila…Shipt to the rescue.


The concept is pretty simple, but brilliant.  I shop a list of items from my local store, Publix in my case, and when I finish my cart, a local shopper grabs my order and starts shopping.  You can specify if you want them to contact you if something is unavailable, make a judgement call, or omit that item.  Delivery is free and unlimited on orders over $35 (with a membership), but of course you should expect a markup on your items.  Based on my orders so far, most items seem to be 5-10%. I opted for a monthly membership, but I will soon be upgrading to the cheaper, yearly membership.  The coverage map below shows the current cities that Shipt operates.


Here’s a few screen grabs from my ordering process from iOS.  I think I might even save money since it’s harder to impulse buy.  There are options to shop by category, previous purchases, sale items, and even a way to add an item you need that is not listed (but buyer beware for any special addition items, expect a 20% markup on these! Ouch!).

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Thank you Shipt and my shopper, Bethany, definitely worth it for me!

~ Kristen

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