Current Obsessions – Leachco Podsters, Bar Keepers Friend, & Southern Living’s Big Book of Cupcakes

Current Obsessions

Kristen’s Obsessions:

Many, many thanks to our friends Mikel & Mathew who gifted us these Leacho Podsters when our twins were born.  We used these every time the girls nursed as holding pods to transition to my pillow, every time they ate from a bottle, and many times that they napped on the floor.  We still use them to get them asleep even though the girls have completely outgrown them.  They are great for when they want to sit or lay down in the play room or watch a movie.  This is now my number one recommendation to any new mom, especially if you are having twins.  I also recommend buying extra covers for those inevitable accidents.  My only complaint is the Velcro closure which never stayed closed, but my MIL added snaps to ours so now they are perfect.


My mom introduced me to Bar Keepers Friend when I bought a house with a ceramic kitchen sink. It removes all those lines and marks that pots and dishes leave in your sink.  Since then it has become my go-to on anything glass in my home.  It works great on my glass top sink, white ceramic dishes, even my shower door.  There is a liquid version, but I really like to use the powder version with a non-scratch 3M pad (that’s the blue ones) for the best results.


Candace’s Obsessions:

I recently discovered the Big Book of Cupcakes published by Southern Living.  You could almost call this a cupcake baking bible!  It has tips on how to make your cupcakes better, ways to change up recipes, and directions for how to make pretty much any cupcake you can possibly imagine, including chocolate truffle, peanut butter cup, pecan pie, caramel crunch, and lemon basil, to name a few!  They even have instructions for how to make gluten free and vegan cupcakes.  The book is very visually appealing, with fun fonts and nice photographs of every cupcake to go along with the recipes.  I want to try every single one of these recipes.  I can already tell this will be my new go-to guide for cupcake baking!

cupcake cookbook


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