New Music: Sara Watkins – Young in All The Wrong Ways

sara watkins

Sara Watkins, from Nickle Creek fame, just released a new album, Young in All the Wrong Ways, which surprisingly comes with a parental advisory warning.  This is a different sound than we are used to hearing from Watkins in Nickle Creek, the bluegrass band she got her start in with her brother Sean Watkins and friend Chris Thile.  Watkins channels her inner Alison Krauss in “Like New Year’s Day” and a rock-and-roll Grace Potter sound in “Move Me”, while “The Truth Won’t Set Us Free” is reminiscent of Patsy Cline.  Overall, this a solid album that you can easily listen to from top to bottom without skipping a song.  For fans of Nickle Creek, this is not a trip down memory lane, but instead, a chance to visit with an old friend and enjoy where she is now.   Tracks to listen to:  “Young in All the Wrong Ways”, “One Last Time”, “The Truth Won’t Set Us Free”, and “Move Me”.

~ Candace

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