I ❤️ My High Chairs: Review of Peg Perego’s Siesta High Chair.

I knew zilch about high chairs when we headed to Buy Buy Baby (BBB) to pick one out.  I had looked online, but did not see any one that looked better than the others.  They all looked the same to me – ugly and bulky. Luckily fate brought us to the Peg Perego Siesta, or it might have been the helpful employees at BBB. Here’s what I was looking for: compact, reclining, easy to clean, adjustable height, and removable tray. Basically I wanted everything and had not seen one that did it all.  At $300 each, these were pricier than I was planning to spend (remember I needed two!), but these chairs have been totally worth the higher price.


The seat cushions, which wipe down easily, also come off easily for deeper cleaning.  The straps on ours have also been removed several times and look brand new after a little Oxyclean and a brush.  The back of the seat is also nice and high for my tantrum-thrower (stops her from hitting her head on anything else).  My only complaint is that it’s hard to get the tray in with one hand if I have a baby on my hip, so I always try to put the trays in before I bring the girls to eat (tray in means I can distract my tantrum-thrower with Cheerios while getting her buckled in).


Ours came in cacaco, which is essentially black, and has held up exceptionally well.

And I appreciate them this week a little more after being out of town and using borrowed chairs.


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