Live Oak Art – Mississippi Gulf Coast

After Katrina, the Mississippi Gulf Coast lost many of it’s iconic live oak trees.  These trees lined Highway 90 along the beach and were an integral part of the landscape, standing as pillars over many years.  Also if you did not know, Coast folks love their trees.  They build roads around the trees (after all the trees were there first) and relocate them when they cannot be saved.  So after the most devastating hurricane to hit Mississippi killed hundreds of these gorgeous live oaks, artists turned many into works of art to preserve them in another way.  According to, “International award winning ‘chainsaw artist’ Dayton Scoggins of Mississippi, award winning “wood sculptor” Marlin Miller of Florida, and Dayle Lewis of Indiana sculpted a variety of marine-related objects out of these dead trees.”

We spent a day exploring and photographing these sculptures, which span nearly the entire coast in Mississippi.  This took us on a scenic tour of the coastline with a few stops to play in the sand.  Also if you want a bit to eat during your day’s explorations, see my recommendations on best places to eat!

Here’s some of my favorites sculptures from our day trip.


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