Summer Read: Nora Roberts Bay of Sighs


In Book two of the Guardians Trilogy, we visit with our friends from Stars of Fortune again, getting to know Sawyer and Annika a bit better, the time-traveler and mermaid from the group of six guardians.  The reason I really love Nora Roberts’ books is that her characters embrace the concept of family, even when it’s a group of people that have only known each other a few months.  Bay of Sighs really exemplifies that writing style in the close-knit group that come from all walks of life.  The plot is not as important as the relationships and interactions, so long as they all have a compelling reason to work together.

My favorite line from the book, “If coffee keeps you awake, you don’t know how to sleep.”  As hubby knows, I love to drink coffee late, and nothing keeps me from sleeping!

This book is a comfortable read that would be perfect for a little summer sun time!

~ Kristen

* Book artwork property of the author

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