Top 10 Products for Newborns and New Moms – Part 1

As I prepared for my little ones, I asked everyone I could “what do I need?”  I had a few great mom-resources, but most people struggled with this question.  Now that my girls have become toddlers, I wanted to share the top 10 items I would recommend to any new mom for the first 6 months.

Swaddle blankets – There are several brands that make a muslin swaddle blanket, but Aden+Anais are the most well known by far.  I’m a big fan of these, and had around 10 per baby.  One of my girls could not go to sleep without being swaddled for the first few months.  It is comforting to them, and the thin muslin fabric keeps them from getting too warm.  I also used these for nursing covers, for wiping up spills and spit ups, and as liners for leakage.


Also just a reminder that you should never swaddle a baby once she can roll over.
Leachco Podsters – I have gushed over these before, but I cannot say enough good things about these infant loungers.  We used ours well past the weight limit because my girls would not give them up.  In fact we just recently upgraded to the larger Pillay by Leachco.  My girls napped, played, and took bottles in these.  I also used them as staging for tandem nursing when I was alone.  I had other brands that were gifted for similar purposes, but the Podsters was hands down just better because of how secure they were in them.  Love, love, love these.



Pacifiers – I had concerns about using a pacifier, but my pediatrician assured me in the hospital that they were totally fine and even reduced the risk of SIDS.  I really liked the Avent line by Philips which is designed by age to support oral development.  Both my girls used a pacifier going to sleep, but one really liked it all the time until she was about 9 months.

White noise – Babies hear what sounds like white noise in the womb, so continuing this when they are fussy or sleeping is very comforting.  If you do not want to purchase one, just download one of the free apps on your phone.  This will come in super handy.  We used several, but White Noise Ambience Lite by logicworks is my favorite.  It has a great choice of free sounds (we love Ocean Waves) and let’s you use other apps while playing unlike most others which stop once you are out of the app.
Rock and play – This rocker by Fisher Price was my girls beds for the first 4 months.  We would swaddle them and lay them in here next to our bed.  You can rock them without even getting up; they really like the motion.  They are also light and easy to move around; we moved near a window for “wake time” when the girls were very small to help set day time/nighttime.  There is also a self-rocking version which is great, but you want the plain one next to your bed so you can rock it yourself.  We actually had two sets: one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

Check out the rest of my list here.


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