Top 10 Products for Newborns and New Moms – Part 2

Following up from Tuesday’s post, here are the last 5 must-have new baby and new mom items!

Sleep Sacks – Once your baby is rolling over, you will have to say good bye to swaddles, but since loose blankets are not recommended under 12 months, you definitely need to find some sleep sacks.  I say plural because you need a backup!  For the winter we used these thick ones by Baby Deedee, and in the summer, we loved the thin ones by Aden + Anais which keep them cooler.


Mini refrigerator – This was a lifesaver since our rooms are upstairs, but our kitchen downstairs.  Great to store pump parts, milk, formula, or a midnight snack during all those feedings.  We found this 2.6 cu. ft. Magic Chef at Home Depot for around $100.  It was perfect for us and saved countless trips up and down stairs.


Zippered pajamas – No matter how matter how cute those snap pajamas are on your baby, when you are changing diapers at 3am, your cognitive functions just can’t get those snaps lined up.  Make a pledge to only buy zippered and ask your friends to do the same.  I cannot tell you how many times one of my girls got re-swaddled with half her snaps open because I had lined them up off a snap more than once and finally gave up!

Nail clippers – You might remember these from a previous Current Obsessions post.  After trying several pair and scared I was cutting her fingers, Hubby found these by Safety 1st with LED’s that makes seeing her nails so much easier.

Nursing pillow – I really loved the My Brest Friend twin pillow.  I had a Boppy too, but really liked how the MBF was flat and kept the babies in place without rearranging.  I’ve seen moms nurse without anything for support,so maybe it’s a twin thing, but I really appreciated my pillow!


~ Kristen


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