Homemade CPK Chopped BBQ Salad

Since we had twins, dinner prep time has been greatly reduced.  One of the ways that we save time is to grill extra chicken and freeze it.  So when I start dinner, I just reheat what I need and I’m halfway there.  One of our favorite quick meals is a slightly modified version of California Pizza Kitchen’s chopped BBQ chicken salad.  I’m going to walk you through it, and you’ll be ready for dinner in hardly any time at all.

For the lettuce, I like to use hearts of romaine and chop it very finely.  I start with a large bowl and just begin layering ingredients.


Then I add my other veggies: seasoned black beans, drained but not rinsed; corn, I use the Publix organic frozen kind (so good!); and chopped tomatoes, just any kind I have.


For the chicken, I reheat 3-4 oz per person and chop into fork size bites.  You really want all the ingredients small so you get a blend in each bite.


Then it’s time to add grated cheddar or any blend that you like and toss with ranch dressing.



Once I toss, I like to divvy up into bowls and then drizzle BBQ on top.


For the tortilla topping, I had some leftover takeout tortilla chips that freshen right up with a couple of minutes on a pan in the oven.  After heating them, I just crumbled them over the top of each bowl.


Yum!!  And you can always leave out the chicken or add green onions, avocado, jicama, or other veggies too.  But for me, this is perfection!


~ Kristen

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