I had no idea the Fever series was fan fiction for Beauty & the Beast

Seriously I have no idea if the Fever series was written as fan fiction, and since the author  Karen Marie Moning has several series, it seems unlikely, but read it thinking about Beauty and the Beast and there are a LOT of similarities.  Or maybe I watch too many too many Disney toddler movies these days?  Let me tell you though, Barrons actually is a beast and he runs a book store (hello amazing Disney library)!

Disney comparisons aside, I was pretty dissatisfied with the last in the Fever series, Feverborn, and I am hoping for some resolution in the February release of Feversong.  Although I never think you can drag out a good series, the plot mostly just reversed the conflict of the previous book.  The only tangibles toward the series from the book are the fact that —-


— Dani & Mac make up and Mac is no longer invisible.  Oh and the Druid is still alive.  Seriously those are really not spoilers.  So here’s looking forward to Feversong, release date of February, to move the characters forward!


~ Kristen


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