Confessions of a PC to Mac Convert

Kristen is the technology blogging expert on this site.  If you follow our blog, you may also have noticed that Kristen has done the majority of the blogging recently.  Well, there are a few reasons for that 1) life got crazy busy; 2) my 6 + year-old laptop was dying a slow painful death, the kind of slow painful death where one day it works fine and the next day it sends your blood pressure and anxiety level through the roof because it takes 20. minutes. just. to. open. internet. explorer.  ARGH!!  Something had to give.

I have looked at laptops soooo many times, but never found one that really spoke to me.  I still like disc drives and plugs.  Am I the only person out there that does??  Does this mean I’m getting old and technology is leaving me behind because I’m not ready for everything to be wireless?  DON’T PEOPLE STILL MAKE MIXED CDS?!?!  OOY!  So, armed with a handful of indecisiveness, I went computer window shopping Saturday at Best Buy and the Apple Store.  All the computer related electronics I own, other than my computer (a Samsung laptop), are Apple products.  They lured me in with the classic iPod in 2005, and then came the iPhones, Apple TV, an iPad mini, and even a time capsule.  So, buying an Apple computer seems like it should be a slam dunk decision right?  Au contraire mon frère!

I have total Apple computer sticker shock.  They are so expensive and you can get so much more storage built into a PC for less, or seemingly less.  Have you gone laptop shopping recently?  Even PCs are getting crazy expensive!  I thought technology was supposed to get cheaper with time, not more expensive!!  I have debated buying an Apple computer for a while, even when I bought my Samsung laptop 6+ years ago, I bought it because it looked like a MacBook but was half the price.  I came home Saturday without a laptop, but after comparing stats and doing some soul searching, I was pretty confident that I wanted a Mac.  Additionally, since I have the evidently old-fashioned desire for ports on my laptop, I was leaning heavily towards the MacBook Pro with Retina display, which still has a HDMI port, USB ports, and a SDXC card slot.

Sunday, I gave my Samsung laptop one last shot, and it could not load windows.  I online shopped the MacBook Pro Retina, and suddenly, Best Buy had it marked down.  Decision made.  I walked into Best Buy, pointed to the computer I wanted, and walked out.  Just.  Like.  A.  Baller.


I am back in business!  Well kinda…now I have to learn how to use the thing!  More confessions of a PC/Mac convert to come!


~ Candace


* This post brought to you, refreshingly easily from my new MacBook Pro! 

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