Lauren Graham and Talking As Fast As I Can


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Lauren Graham’s new book, Talking as Fast as I Can, is a fun collection of essays in which the actress recounts tales of being a teenager, going to college, and pursuing acting, as well as her roles on the television shows Parenthood and Gilmore Girls.  Flight of thought, candid realism, and self-deprecating humor are many of the tools Graham uses in telling the numerous stories held in the book.  Partly written during the Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls, the reader gets an opportunity to hear her thoughts as she reprised her much beloved role of Lorelai Gilmore and returned to Stars Hallow.  Along with personal stories, Graham also discusses how she approaches the daunting task of putting thoughts on paper when writing a book, sharing useful handed down writing tips.

As a Gilmore Girls fan who watched the show when it first aired and devoured the Netflix series, I really enjoyed this book.  Graham comes across as an ordinary woman whose banter appears as effortless in print as Lorelai sounds on film.  A friend loaned me the book, and I read it from cover to cover in just a couple of days over the Christmas holiday.  If you enjoy Lauren Graham on film you will appreciate her in print.  Talking as Fast as I Can is an easy to read happy book, perfect for a snow day.


~ Candace

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