Reliving the music of La La Land

The movie musical La La Land, has been the talk of Hollywood award season this year.  The movie follows Emma Stone as Mia, an aspiring actress, and Ryan Gosling as Sebastian, a struggling jazz piano musician, as they deal with the trials of following your heart, both professionally and personally.  I loved this movie and found myself humming the songs as I walked out of the theater.  Here are the best options I have found to satisfy my La La Land music fix!

La La Land – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


This is your instant gratification source for all the fun songs in the movie.  Everything with lyrics, from the opening “Another Day of Sun” number during the L.A. traffic jam, “City of Stars”, and a few jazz instrumental songs are all on this soundtrack.  It has 15 songs and can easily be set on repeat all day long.

La La Land – Original Motion Picture Score


In addition to producing a soundtrack, La La Land has also released a recording of the movie’s instrumental score.  With 30 songs of various lengths, the score plays like a jazz album and contains the vocal version of Stone and Gosling singing the film’s most memorable song and theme “City of Stars”.

Pandora – La La Land Station


If you are looking for yet more La La Land inspired music, check out the La La Land Cast Pandora station.  You get some songs from the soundtrack, although disappointingly it did not play any songs from the score.  I wanted this station to turn in to a compilation of the two La La Land albums with maybe some Coltrane or Davis  thrown in.  Instead, I got a few songs from the soundtrack and about five versions of Pachelbel’s Cannon in D.  However, once I did enough thumb ups and downs, the station started playing some Louis Armstrong and Etta James and became very enjoyable!


~ Candace

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