Weekend Greek Pasta

One of our local Greek restaurants, called Tazikis, has a weekend pasta special that is amazing.   It’s got layers of pasta, lettuce, grilled chicken, all tossed with balsamic vinaigrette, and topped with tomatoes and feta.  Hubby and I love to make it at home, because it’s quick and has a unique flavor.

Tazikis uses penne pasta, but I prefer ziti which is a slightly thinner walled pasta generally  (you might notice this is actually ziti rigati because my Shipt shoppers do not seem to understand the difference).  First thing I do is start my pasta boiling.


Meanwhile, I defrost my grilled chicken breast and prep my ingredients.  Just as a reminder, I grill extra chicken over the weekends and freeze to make my weekday meal prep go faster, since I usually only have 20 minutes if any at all.


Yes, I know feta can be forked, but as engineers we prefer uniformity, so I dice it. Now its time to start building a plate!  I add pasta, lettuce, chicken, and tomato before drizzling with balsamic and tossing.  I haven’t found anything close to Tazikis dressing, but luckily they sell it in a takeout container!


After tossing my ingredients, I add the feta (Hubby also adds black olives to his).


Also one of my twins loves to eat noodles mixed in this dressing, so don’t forget to let your little ones try a variation.

~ Kristen

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