Homemade tortilla chips in a pinch

Over the weekend I was craving my favorite salad,  a homemade version of CPK’s chopped BBQ salad that I shared in a previous post.  But once I had started prepping, I realized that I was out of tortilla chips!  Instead of switching dinner plans, I decided that I would try to make some from flour tortillas.

Hubby and I have a saying, “we can always order pizza.”  It sounds silly, but it actually takes a lot of stress away and gives me courage to try new things.  With that in mind, I sliced several small flour tortillas into strips since it would be on the salad (versus triangles for chips).  I cut them all at one time layered using my pizza cutter, and I heated a thin layer of olive oil to my skillet until it started moving.


Adding only a handful at a time, I quickly turned them and removed each batch in about a minute.  Once they were all cooked, I salted and tossed the entire bunch.

Now I just topped my salad (and snacked on a few)!  So yummy!



~ Kristen



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