Legacy Easter Baskets

My maternal grandfather made Easter baskets for all his young grandchildren, including myself.  I honestly did not appreciate it as a child, but as an adult it always stayed with me.  Here’s my basket that needs a little TLC.


So last year for my girls’ first Easter, I asked my dad to make one for them to continue the tradition.  He agreed and I agreed to paint it.  I found a really cute bunny tote at the site Ana White.


It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but close enough to create a pattern.  Here’s the unpainted basket from my dad which turned out perfect!


I went with a light pink that was leftover from painting the nursery – for convenience and also so I could repaint it a more trendy color when they get older.  It’s also a great green solution because we reuse it each year.

As a way to paint them quicker, I also employed some of their connecting rings, which were super handy.

Here’s the finished basket that we used in our Easter photos as an awesome prop.


Going to be great to break these back out this year soon!

~ Kristen

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