Stitch Fix Audition

I’m always looking for opportunities to outsource any non-baby time activity like ironing, house cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.  All in an effort to spend more time with my precious girls who are growing up way too fast.  My friend and coworker mentioned she was trying Stitch Fix, so I decided to give it a shot, with little expectation of liking anything they sent.  But hey, I buy things and send them back all the time so I didn’t see much difference!

I used the iOS app to set up my profile, which asked you about size, fit, style, price, and preferences.

Stitch Fix: Personal Stylist for Clothes Shopping by Stitch Fix

Here’s a screen shot from the style quiz which shows you groupings of items and asks you to rate each group as a unit.


Once you complete your profile, you schedule a box delivery (this might be because you only have 3 days to return items).  You can also schedule a box on a recurring interval.  Per box, you pay a $20 fee for styling, but it’s applied to your purchase, so you only lose it if you don’t purchase any items. Boxes contain 5 items and you get a 25% discount for purchasing the entire box.  During my profile setup, I noted that I did not want any jewelry or shoes, so mine was clothes only.

With my box of 5 items came a suggested pairings card for each piece.  The item in the center of each pairing were the only 5 items I received.


I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked every item and loved the blazer.  I kept them all and ordered a new box!

~ Kristen

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